Towns in Tenerife

“Towns in Tenerife

When choosing Tenerife, you must specify what type of vacation you are looking for and what weather and views you expect. Tenerife is a small island, but quite diverse in terms of climate and environment (see the article Weather in Tenerife). Even nearby towns can be radically different in many ways. When going north, they should be prepared for higher air humidity, more frequent rains, and slightly lower temperatures. In return, we get beautiful views and rich flora and fauna. The south, on the other hand, is drier and hotter. The sun shines here practically all year round, regardless of the month in which you can swim in the ocean and there are a lot of tourists here. So if you can’t decide where to stay, in this article we will introduce you to the most interesting places.

Villages of Tenerife – the south of the island

San Isidro
A town near the airport, it is practically inhabited in its entirety by the native inhabitants of Tenerife. The rental price of the apartment is very attractive here, but the closest beach is about 5 km away, in the town of El Médano. When deciding to choose this place, you need to rent a car. The wind here is moderate, the sun is intense and the intensity of the tourists is low.

El Médano
A perfect place for surfers, of which there are many surfers in El Médano. There is a lot of sun and strong wind here, so the conditions are ideal for practicing water sports, windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can see colorful kites from afar. You should also keep in mind that this place is not far from the airport. It’s worth keeping in mind that planes will fly quite low here. At El Médano you are sure to taste excellent local cuisine and seafood at a very affordable price. From the golden beach there is a view of the Montaña Roja mountain. This place is especially visited on weekends. For convenience, it is worth renting a car.
Los Abrigos
A very quiet and peaceful place, in the vicinity of El Médano. The atmosphere of this place is created by natural pools and a sunny climate. Due to poor communication, we recommend renting a car. The number of tourists here is low, which makes apartment rental prices very attractive. The town is very close to the airport.

San Miguel de Abona – Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf
An ideal place for golf lovers. A charming, quiet and sunny place on the island, quite poor in extreme or spectacular attractions. There are cozy and intimate pubs and bars here. Retired Europeans like to golf as they please. Nearby is the Marina San Miguel port with yachts and boats. Submarine “” Submarine “” sails from here. For convenience, it is worth renting a car here.

Commune of Arona – Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas
Peaceful and quiet villages in its surroundings. There are not many tourists here, it is much easier to meet the natives here. The towns are sunny, with many small cafes and romantic restaurants. Interestingly, there is also a Polish shop here. Beautiful places to walk are easy to find in cities. You can also enjoy the charms of the beaches, but they are only rocky. Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas are far from the main tourist destinations, so it is worth renting your own car. Accommodation at a good price.

It is a place that causes a lot of controversy. It is located near the airport and only the mountain separates it from Los Cristianos. However, to get to Palm Mar you have to go through another place, which is often in heavy traffic jams. The city itself, however, is very quiet and beautiful, it has several restaurants, bars and a long beach. The apartments can be found at a really great price, including those with a community pool. The weather conditions are excellent – the weather is sunny and truly southern. There are few tourists and it is worth renting a car.
Los Cristianos
The Poles compare Los Cristianos, Las Américas and Costa Adeje with Tri-City. These are cities full of life, full of attractions and entertainment, connected by a long boardwalk. Los Cristianos is one of the most visited places by tourists in all of Tenerife. There are many attractions, clubs, bars and restaurants here. The place is very sunny, and the wide and beautiful beaches tempt with their charm and excellent climate. There is also a port in Los Cristianos that offers water sports and connection to other islands. It is not necessary to rent a car here, as there is excellent communication by bus.
Playa De Las Americas
Las Americas is one of those places where you won’t get bored, and you’ll always have plenty of attractions at your fingertips. Communication is very good here, there are taxis and buses. For government attractions, we recommend visiting ” Safari “” And “” Veronicas “. The city is full of shops, live music, interesting illuminations, fountains, and palm trees. While you are in Playa de las Americas, it is impossible not to visit the most famous street in this city – Avenida, commonly known as “” Safari “”. It is a great place to stroll and dine. “” Verónicas “”, in turn, is famous for its more festive side. It is a street full of colorful discos, bars and pubs. For the most demanding guests, we recommend the exclusive two-story Papagayo club. The city is sunny, hot and full of people.

Commune of Adeje – Adeje
The town is located at the foot of the mountains, on the road. The intensity of tourists is quite small here, mainly the natives live here. The place is far from the beach, which you have to get to with the best rental car. The city itself, however, is very charming, atmospheric and allows you to relax. There are many attractive cafes and pubs here. The dishes served here are of very good quality and relatively inexpensive. Tourists also recommend the beautiful gorge “” Barranco del Infierno “”. It will provide an amazing encounter with nature, and at the end you will find a small waterfall.

Costa Adeje
It is undoubtedly the pride of the entire neighborhood. It is a coast divided into smaller parts that are very different from each other. There are two water parks in Costa Adeje (Siam Park and Aqualand) and Achaman, the most popular Latin nightclub on the island. This place is very visited by tourists, and the perfect climate lasts practically all year round. The chain of beaches in Costa Adeje impresses with its incredible beauty, and the promenade allows you to reach everywhere on foot. There are many shops, cozy pubs and great restaurants serving dishes from all over the world.

San Eugenio Alto and Torviscas Alto
Two quite popular parts of Costa Adeje located on a hill across the road. Many apartments with swimming pools are offered here in the complex. The undoubted advantage here is the attractiveness of the accommodation, the proximity of the beaches, the availability of communication and shops. A cost to be overcome when returning to the apartment can be considered inconvenient. The intensity of the tourists here is average, and the sunny weather spoils you practically all year round.

El Duque
The part of the island that is geared towards high-end guests, full of expensive hotels, boutiques and exquisite restaurants. The city is very well cared for and has many tourists. El Duque is a long promenade from which you can admire the beautiful landscape and the bright beach with palm trees. It is a perfect place for romantic walks with your partner and delicious dinners. The climate is usually very sunny and hot, as in all the south. Clouds that disappear quickly appear rarely. El Duque has very good public transport, so it is not necessary to rent a car.

La Caleta
Quiet, peaceful, charming, small fishing village where you can eat excellent seafood. Few tourists come here, which makes it a perfect place to relax. Due to the small number of attractions, the city is suitable for people who are not especially looking for excitement. La Caleta beach is black, but the bay between the rocks is a popular place for swimming. It is also worth seeing the hippie beach hidden behind the hill, which has a wild and natural character. The place is very sunny, but it is worth renting a car here.

Callao Salvaje
Another town full of natural charm and tranquility. Callao Salvaje is full of beautiful villas and new apartment buildings. The downside to this place is poor communication, which makes renting a car worthwhile. On the other hand, you can find accommodation here at surprisingly attractive prices. Callao Salvaje is a base for Los Gigantes, Abama and Costa Adeje. There is a large, newly built beach on site. There are several interesting pubs and bars in the coastal area.

Playa Paraiso
A sunny city, but not particularly vibrant. There are several restaurants and pubs here, but the main attraction is the recently built Hard Rock Hotel. The place is generally quiet and buses do not run very often. Therefore, it is worth renting a car. The beach is not huge, but it has its own charm. A great advantage here are the attractive prices for living and the proximity to the main tourist centers of the island.

Villages of Tenerife – the west of the island

San Juan
A small town with very attractive house prices. This is where the biggest party on the island takes place in midsummer. Rarely visited by tourists, it is rather inhabited entirely by canaries. The advantage of this place can be an interesting location, close to the charming and somewhat exclusive Abama beach, the Los Gigantes cliffs or the Masca gorge. The beach here has arenIt’s dark and the views are very attractive. The town is sunny and warm, but to fully enjoy the charms of the area, it is worth renting a car.

Los Gigantes
Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful in terms of views. Here we can find beautiful cliffs, and the small port that is located here is almost a factory of attractions. Every day a multitude of boats and motorboats depart from here that take tourists on cruises and various attractions. There is also a small beach here, with a great view of the aforementioned cliffs. The city is full of life during the day, and in the center you will find charming pubs. Many travel agencies offer affordable accommodation here, but due to the location of Los Gigantes, a car is an asset here.

Villages of Tenerife – the north of the island

The largest port in Tenerife was located here, literally connecting the commerce of America and Europe. Unfortunately, in 1706 the city and the port were destroyed by a volcanic eruption. To this day, Garachico is the city with the most history in Tenerife, but its heyday is behind us. The place is quiet and extremely charming, the views are beautiful and the waves are high. Here you can eat well and cheaply, serving mainly local delicacies. It’s worth adding that the residents here are especially friendly and helpful. It is also impossible to ignore the natural pools that were created in frozen lava. The weather here is sometimes not very favorable. There are cloudy and rainy days, but they occur in winter. In summer it is much warmer and less rainy. It is worth renting a car here.
Puerto De La Cruz
It is a place with a lot of potential. The biggest attraction here is the Loro Parque, which after many years has been transformed from a small parrot house into a zoo full of surprises. The city has beautiful buildings, it is very atmospheric and romantic. There are many cozy pubs and restaurants here. The beaches here are dark and the water contrasts well with them. The bays with high waves also make a great impression. It is worth the drive, and the climate is typical of the north of the island.

San Cristóbal de La Laguna
A university town full of young people. It is a surprise that there is peace here and you can really relax here. La Laguna was built in an architectural style from the 16th and 17th centuries. A walk through the streets of La Laguna will transport you back in time, and just having dinner or a coffee will be a great pleasure. There is no shortage of excellent wines and local cuisine. As in the north of the island, La Laguna has frequent rains, but they are weak and tend to disappear quickly. Unfortunately, the town does not have a beach, but the advantage is the prosperous public transport, which allows you to reach every corner of it.

Santa Cruz
The capital of an island full of life. The city has its own atmosphere, but it will mainly appeal to people who like movement, hustle and bustle and hustle and bustle. In February, you can enjoy the second largest carnival here, just after Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the carnival, Santa Cruz has a beautiful long beach with palm trees and light sand. This beach is unique and stands out significantly from other beaches in Tenerife. In addition, there are many interesting places in the city: parks, filled with palm trees, lush plants and fountains, and an auditorium that resembles the architecture of the Sydney Opera House. The vast majority here are natives, which means that here you can eat excellent local dishes and listen to Canarian conversations. Renting a car is not mandatory here ”.