La Tejita

La Tejita Beach

The beach is located near the volcanic cone of Montaña Roja, which literally translates as “” Montaña Roja “”. Currently, it is a nature reserve. It is here that intense gusts of wind arrive, causing the beach to fill with water sports enthusiasts: surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. For this reason, the competitions of the Windsurfing World Championship are regularly held nearby, in El Cabezo. The beach is of fine yellow sand and is more than 1 km long. Strong winds make tourists choose other places, and Playa la Tejita has become a Mecca for athletes. It is worth mentioning that the place has the status of a nudist beach, which abounds at the foot of the Red Mountain. Walking towards El Médano you can take advantage of the bars, sun loungers and surf schools.