Charco del Tancón – La cave

Charco del Tancón – the cave

Charco del Tancon is one of the most beautiful places in all of Tenerife. It can be reached by car and then on foot. However, this place is not the easiest. The pools are located near the Globales Tamaimo Tropical Hotel in Los Gigantes, where you can leave your car. Then, you will walk towards the ocean between the Barceló Santiago hotel and the HyperDino market. After reaching the ocean, head towards the Los Gigantes cliffs. There you will see smooth and safe stairs that lead to the complex of natural pools. You can safely spend the whole day in these pools. The water is warm and crystal clear. Of course, it is worth bringing water shoes, as well as diving masks and goggles. Here you can boldly admire the underwater world and the beautiful and colorful fish. However, this place is not the center of Tancon. If you are curious and want to see more, instead of going down the stairs, continue until you reach boulders and stones. You have to go down with them, so that your eyes see an unusual rocky shape with a pool in the middle. There is also a cave under the rocks that you can swim in. There is also an alternate descent on the other side that will allow you to see the cave from below. Common sense is very important here, as the pool can be very dangerous in high tide. Then the cave fills with water and getting out can be very difficult. Therefore, it is worth observing the situation in the ocean and not taking risks when the water begins to rise. Upstairs, just off the stairs, there is a snack bar, hamburgers, sandwiches, ice cream and more.