Charco de Los Abrigos

Charco de los Abrigos

These are wild and exceptionally beautiful pools. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to reach them. They are located about 100 m behind the town of Los Abrigos in the direction of El Médano. The path that leads to them is visible in front of a large banana plantation, more precisely on the right. The surface is sandy and rocky, where after about 50m, driving towards the ocean, there is a point where you can leave your car. Also, it is necessary to walk on the stones. Upon arrival, you will see several pools in beautiful colors: blue, green and yellow. The largest of these tanks has a built-in ladder for easy entry and exit. The puddles at this point are deep and the place itself is considered quite difficult. It is certainly not a place for non-swimmers or for families with children. However, if you do not intend to swim or are not afraid of deep waters, this is a place worth visiting. The views are incredibly beautiful and the photos taken there perfectly reflect its “” charm.