Bars and restaurants in Tenerife

“Bars and restaurants in Tenerife”

The number of restaurants and bars on the island is enormous! Unfortunately, only a few of them are noteworthy and the rest can be very disappointing. In this article, we will suggest and advise where to go, and we do not cut into colorful restaurants that only attract the attention of tourists. The bars and restaurants in Tenerife that we present here are characterized by very affordable prices and excellent quality dishes. In addition, when choosing, we also take into account the size of the portion so that you will not be left hungry. It is worth saying openly that in the Canary Islands excellent food does not always go hand in hand with a refined interior. Usually, it is in discreet places where you will eat the best dishes.

Casa Africa
The restaurant is located in Adeje, on the beachfront. Cozy, discreet in terms of decoration. The restaurant takes up a lot of space, has a large number of tables and definitely attracts with the flavors of the dishes that are served. The menu includes colorful salads with the addition of exotic dragon fruit, perfectly prepared, fresh fish and shellfish such as oysters. The king of the menu, however, is the octopus prepared in two ways: in a pan and in the oven. We especially recommend trying the first option that captivates the taste buds. The restaurant on the Tripadvisor app has a 4.5 star rating.

Cinnamon and vanilla coffee
Wonderful homemade cakes, fruit ice cream, bubble waffles and pancakes – this place is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even though this place is famous mainly for fancy sweets, you can also eat salty foods here. The menu here includes, for example, burgers and salads. The place is very nice to have a coffee or a cold beer. The owners are Polish, so don’t be surprised if national matches or KSW fights are broadcast here. Great atmosphere guaranteed! The restaurant is located in Plaza Fañabe, and dessert prices range between € 5 and € 8.
El Cordero
This is the place in Guargacho for true meat fans! It serves typical flavors of local Canarian dishes, and the setting and surroundings are impressive. The floor is a homely era, there is thatch on the roof and plants growing between the tables. From the kitchen, trays filled to the brim with various types of meat are served from time to time. A serving for two costs € 12 and is really solid, so you won’t be left hungry. We also recommend a steak by weight up to € 15.

El Fronton
If you go to the northern part of the island, check out El Frontón in Benijo. There is classic local cuisine with understated décor. However, exceptionally delicious seafood is served here. The restaurant is located high in the mountains, on one of the cliffs. So you can guess that the view from the window is impressive. The service is very nice and the prices are low (we’ll pay € 20 for a seafood platter). We highly recommend trying the local white wine with a sweet fruity taste.

El Gomero
Restaurant on the main street of Las Americas, which is one of the most popular tourist coasts. There are many high-priced places nearby, but El Gomero serves generous portions at a very affordable price. Mostly locals and people who recommended this place know about this place. From the outside, it is very low-key, with tables only inside the restaurant. At lunchtime, however, it may happen that we find ourselves in a queue waiting to enter. The menu is very extensive, with Canarian and Mediterranean cuisine. We especially recommend meat, fish, seafood and paellas. Unfortunately crowds and poor organization of waiters’ work can be a major disadvantage. With a large number of guests, they sometimes make mistakes or don’t provide a receipt. Prices range between € 10 and € 14 for a soup plus a main dish, and for a paella for two people we will pay € 14.

El Pescaito I.
The pub located on a side street in Palm Mar, sadly, does not attract attention. However, it is not about their appearance. El Pescaito is always full of people as it serves excellent fish and seafood, so it is really worth a visit. You will be amazed by the affordable prices and the various flavors. It is worth knowing that most of the delicacies are served on crusty breadcrumbs. However, if you prefer a lighter kitchen, ask your waiter to help you choose. The fruity white wine from Tenerife is also excellent here.

The Pescaito II
This is the second restaurant with the same name and the same menu. It is here that the dishes are prepared by an experienced Canarian who also opened the first restaurant. The pub is located in Los Cristianos near the port and lto Big Fish diving school. We will pay € 5 to € 15 for the dishes here.

El Timon
This is a restaurant located in front of the sea in El Médano. It is a small two-story restaurant that steals the hearts of everyone who visits it. The lower level is washed by the waves, you can hear their hum and feel a gentle breeze. The upper floor has an ocean view. The seafood decoration of the restaurant blends in perfectly with the surroundings, and the smell of fresh fish makes us dizzy from the entrance. The staff may be a bit confused, but they make up for it with a pleasant appearance. It is not an exclusive restaurant, but a typical Canarian place with very tasty food. The prices are a little higher, because here we will pay € 30 for a seafood platter. However, they are bright, fresh, and melt in your mouth. This portion is enough for 3 people.

Betty’s Terrace
This restaurant is located high in the mountainous forest of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here you will find massive wooden tables among tall, dense pines. The sun’s rays emerge from behind the trees. This place has an idyllic, friendly and carefree atmosphere. The menu includes grilled meats, blood sausage, sausages, accompanied by salads and French fries or Canarian potatoes. However, we highly recommend local delicacies, such as goat and rabbit. It is worth noting that the number of meats per day is limited here. An interesting delicacy is also grilled goat cheese served with mojo sauces. The portions here are huge: a suggested meat dish for 60 euros for 6 people is enough for 9 or even 10 adults. The difficulty, however, is the need to pay in cash, because coverage in the mountains is poor.

Mesón Era Las Mozas
The restaurant is quite difficult to find because it is located in the mountains of Arona, but when you arrive you will have no doubt that it was worth it. There is a pleasant atmosphere inside and there is no shortage of people. Tables are packed to the brim with delicious Canarian food and local wines. Prices here are low (for example, multi-person ribs that can be purchased for € 15), and the menu is geared towards meat lovers. We especially recommend the steaks and ribs, which are often ordered by guests.

Restaurant located on top of a mountain in Adeje. Because of this, the access is quite difficult and steep, but the place is definitely worth it. The cuisine you will find there is local, Canarian, and the company’s dishes are rabbit and chicken. They look great in a duo with Canarian potatoes and mojo sauces. From the terrace you can see a beautiful view of the colossal mountains and the town.

Palacio Beijing
This is one of the Chinese buffets that abound in Tenerife. It is located in Costa Adeje, and more specifically in Torviscas Bajo. The entrance costs almost € 10, you order drinks and eat as much as you want. Beijing Fingers is distinguished by a very rich buffet. You can choose from various types of meat in crispy toppings or sauces, soups, pasta, rice, salads, seafood, and also desserts. Sushi fans will also try the basic rolls here. It is a great place because everyone will find something for themselves. The little ones eat here for free, and the Chinese offer the end with a shot of liquor. Make sure to take a look at the crystal!
Pizza and Pasta
Do you think pizza can’t surprise you? This one will definitely do it! The owner of Pizza y Pasta in Los Cristianos is Marek, who after many years in sunny Italy, moved to Tenerife. With unprecedented attention to the smallest details as well as the quality and origin of the ingredients, he serves a great tasting pizza in a wood oven. The menu is dominated by pizza with several interesting additions. Pizza with avocado, Italian ham, egg and fluffy mozzarella, or spicy with different types of meat and peppers, these are just two of them. In addition, we also recommend trying pasta and salads. The homemade dessert will be the perfect culmination of the party. The restaurant is among the 10 best in the area according to TripAdvisor, and you must reserve a table in advance. ”